We're thrilled that you're interested in joining the SingularityU Nordic innovation hub!

We have a lot of requests from startups interested in moving in and a limited number of offices spaces available right now, but we would really like to try and accommodate as many awesome startups as possible.

We are looking for great startups that are (or potentially will be) leveraging exponential technologies and have a focus on positively impacting a lot of people. The objective of the SingularityU Nordic innovation hub is to build the strongest possible ecosystem housing Scandinavia’s most impactful startups.

To figure out the puzzle of who can live where, we ask that you fill out some more information about your company and your needs in terms of office space.

Our Director of Entrepreneurship and Community Analisa Winther will then review your application and be in touch as soon as possible for a tour and a talk about the possibilities.
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What kind of office space are you looking for? *

How many square meters of office space do you think you need?

What is your budget? *

Every startup has a different financial situation. Knowing your budget range will help us to better understand where you could sit in the building. Prices vary depending on the size of the office, where it is located, and on which floor.
What does your startup do? *

What global grand challenge is your company solving? *

Startups selected to live at SingularityU Nordic are using future technology to solve real problems and positively impact the world. What category does your company fall in to?

What accelerating technologies does your company use? *

Our members are thinking about building a better future all day, every day! We have a large global network of cutting-edge researchers, business, and thought leaders as well as expert faculty from across Scandinavia on emerging technologies. This question helps us to know how we can help you accel.

Why are you interested in living in the SingularityU Nordic hub? How do you think it will help your company? *

How will your company and its employees contribute to the SingularityU Nordic community? *

The diversity of people from different industries and their awesome engagement is what makes our community amazing! We are very open, like to help each other, and try to knowledge share whenever possible. That's how great ideas, breakthroughs, and collaborations happen! If you were to join SingularityU Nordic, how would you be able to contribute to our thriving culture, what would you pitch in?

Is there anything else you think we should know?

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